On Mission

On Mission Wherever You are

Forge Louisville trains individuals to live as missionaries where you are already doing life. 

Start today to live as the sent people of God wherever you may be planted. You have been called to join God in His work in the everyday spaces of your lives—your neighborhoods, workplaces, gyms and campuses. Here are several examples to get you started today. 

Weekly Dinners

Invite your neighbors over for a weekly, informal dinner. Get to know them without the pressure of evangelizing!

Help Your Neighbors

When you see a neighbor doing yard work or other chores, help out! Even better, stop by and ask if they could use an extra hand.  

Strike up a Conversation

While out shopping, strike up a conversation. See a new mother agonizing over which stroller to buy? Offer a suggestion! 

Involve the Kids

Host an activity for the neighborhood kids to get involved - lemonade stand, yard game, or sprinkler! 

Brunch with Friends

Host a brunch the first Saturday of each month. Provide the main meal and ask friends to bring a side dish. 

Serve with Friends

Ask your friends to get together to serve at a local nonprofit once a month. This is a great way to give back to the community with others! 

Know Your Neighbors

How well do you know your neighbors? Get to know their hopes, their fears, and above all their names. 

Form Habits

To grow your missional skills, this must become a habit. Engage each week uncomfortably, until it becomes habit in every day life.  

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, pass out candy to your neighbors going door to door. Take your small child and it'll be less uncomfortable! 

Halloween Fun

Be the place everyone wants to go - hand out delicious candy and something adults might like as well! Don't forget to dig deeper in conversations with some of your neighbors. 

Host a Block Party

A block party is a great opportunity to invite the neighbors to get together, meet each other and have fun. Click HERE for a step-by-step guide by "The Art of Neighboring". 

Game Night

Host a regular game or card night and invite your friends and neighbors. Encourage them to invite their friends to build a new group of friends! 

Become a Regular 

Frequent the same bar, pub, or coffee shop. Get to know the servers and the other regulars. 

Prayer Walk

Do a prayer walk through your neighborhood and ask your neighbors if there is anything you can pray about for them. 

Community Involvement

Be part of your community by joining the local community board or organizing an event that brings the neighbors together. 

Event Photos

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