The main vehicle for missionary training is a 6-month residency (think internship). There is no quitting school/work or moving to an unfamiliar place for the time of the residency. Although the term we use for participants is "resident," these men and women will not be living together. Since the purpose of Forge Louisville is to create missionaries, we encourage the residents to continue relationships with their neighbors, co-workers, and communities. A resident’s everyday life serves as the learning lab or context for missionary formation.  

Residents are not only encouraged to stay in their missionary context, but residents are encouraged to stay with their local church. Forge Louisville is not a church planting network, rather, it is a missionary training network that believes the gospel is spread through the gospel community of the local church. 

The Forge Louisville training helps to mature each participant as a disciple of Jesus Christ through personal relationships and action-reflection learning in a combination of one-on-one and collaborative learning environments. 

Forge Louisville Training Includes

  • College accredited online curriculum developed by some of the leading scholars and practitioners of the missional movement.

  • Biweekly, one-on-one coaching sessions with local practitioners.

  • Monthly cohort meetings to share, encourage, and learn, and pray.

  • Quarterly weekend intensives led by forerunners in the missional movement.

  • The Bible as God’s story of mission.

  • The Church as the community shaped by God’s mission.

  • Discipleship as complete surrender to God and his mission.

  • A paradigm that now sees their neighbors not just as prospects to evangelize, but as people recklessly loved by God.

  • The local context and culture as the place of God’s mission.

  • Imagination to creatively innovate expressions of the above understandings.

  • Above all, a motivation to personally live out God’s mission and lead others to do the same.



  • Is a stay at home mom to a state worker, a grandparent to a college student, a pastor to a part-time barista.

  • Burns to see lives transformed outside the walls of the local church.

  • Desires to be trained to understand, live, and communicate the missional way of life.

  • Wants to be a revolutionary Christ follower right here in Louisville.

  • Feels a sense of calling, but doesn't necessarily feel called to conventional vocational ministry or seminary.


Every 4 weeks all of Forge Louisville (residents, coaches and leadership) will gather for prayer, sharing stories, and face-to-face connection.

Residents will also be required to attend a weekend conference (Friday-Saturday) 2 times during the 6-month residency taught by leading mission practitioners and scholars.

The goal of Forge Louisville is for Residents to remain in their jobs, schooling, etc. since your context is crucial for learning and living the 6-months of formation. Think of Forge Louisville as a learning lab for mission, in the context God has placed you RIGHT NOW. 


Residents are also highly encouraged to remain faithful to their local church throughout the 6-month residency. Sharing stories of God's mission in the neighborhood, within their local church, spreads the "missional DNA" vital for local church communities. 


There is a financial commitment to Forge Louisville for the training material. Financial options can be discussed with the Forge Louisville Director. 


To discuss residency opportunities please contact the Forge Louisville leadership team through the CONNECT page.


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